About Company

About Company

Mojoy Technologies is a global IT Services and Software Solutions provider. The primary focus of Mojoy Technologies is to provide end-to-end business solutions for its customers in a wide range of technologies and application domains.

Mojoy Technologies works with its customers in all aspects of the IT lifecycle:

Mojoy Technologies Delivery Centre, based in Chennai, India consists of 6,700 sqft of space and includes Servers and networked desktops. The operating systems include Microsoft 2000 Advanced Server, Microsoft Windows NT, Windows 2000 Professional and communication facilities.

Mojoy Technologies has an excellent pool of human resources. The human resource pool includes software professionals right from Senior Project Managers to young Software Engineers. These professionals have expertise ranging from operating systems to the latest web based and emerging technologies. Mojoy Technologies also has software professionals with strong database design and administration skills.

Mojoy Technologies Board of Directors bring in a vast amount of experience with the aim of providing the long-term vision and direction to Mojoy Technologies.

Mojoy Technologies is an organization with an international executive and management team that brings a wealth of experience in major aspects of running a world class IT services company. This management team complements the strengths of the board, and has the necessary skills and experience to execute the strategy and business plan of the company.

Mojoy Technologies is sensitive to the cross cultural and social skills required to work effectively in the global IT industry, realizing this team Mojoy Technologies is equipped with the necessary skills and training to meet these demands.

"Every great idea has a simple inner meaning. It is unique by its existence. The motive behind the idea is to make a task achievable. Mojoy Technologies it is all about how best we get you there. A fail-safe approach to success is in unifying ideas and providing the space for its implementation

Our Begining

Mojoy Technologies is a company that showcases the best of the entrepreneurial practices and committed technical talent in the industry.

Our Customers

We have a wide variety of delighted customers whom we have supported through our IT consulting, outsourcing and application development teams and we continue to do so. Our client profiles include from sectors such as Insurance, Telecommunications, Financial Institutions, Transportation, Healthcare, Non banking Institutions, Government Departments, etc.

Our Mission

To be the best and provide the best by using the best of the latest technologies.

Our Vision

To have delighted customers by providing quality services with cost effective solutions.

Our Strength

Our Strength and reputation has been built upon the fundamental belief that technology should work in harmony with your business providing real and leveraged benefits throughout the entire organization. Technology should support the business, assisting it wherever it can to improve, streamline, manage, and optimize day-to-day business operations.

Our Values

We at Mojoy Technologies share these common values

  1. Customer Focus
  2. Commitment
  3. Determination
  4. Enthusiasm and Passion
  5. Integrity
  6. Quest for Excellence

These are much more than words. Our culture is a tangible force, one that transcends geography and language, and combines everything that we do as a company. Our values inspire the way we serve our customers, who rely on us as a true partner in the success of their business.

We provide them with the best of the solutions, products, technology and service. Most importantly we listen to them, respond quickly with solutions that match their current needs and at the same time we anticipate the future needs of their business.

Our Commitment

Service – Mojoy Technologies and its entire staff are totally committed to providing service of the highest degree so as to ensure customer satisfaction at all levels. This commitment is aimed at taking our relationship with our client to another level through the service we provide. The service we provide can be defined as persistence with a purpose.

Quality - Mojoy Technologies and its entire staff are committed to provide the highest quality of service as required by the customer. We are extremely conscious about quality, and we never believe in compromising quality for anything, as this is the unique feature of Mojoy Technologies that keeps drawing in clients from around the world.

Innovation – The staffs at Mojoy Technologies are committed to look for innovative solutions to the existing problems of our clients. These imaginative solutions cuts down the workload of the customers, and give them more time to devote to other areas that need their attention, so as to improve their business productivity.

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